the experience

Step 1

Book an Appointment

Give us a call, shoot us a text message, or hop onto our booking widget when you are ready to book your massage. We try to book our sessions based on which therapist best matches your needs for massage as opposed to open availability. After a couple questions designed to help us figure out your massage goal, we will get you into our schedule with the therapist and time that best fits your needs. 

Step 2


Anticipate arriving 10 minutes before your session. We will provide a medical intake form for you to fill out. Our intake form allows you to communicate your health history and current body condition so our therapists can better customize your treatment.This time is also perfect to use the restroom and catch your breath before your session begins.

Step 3

Treatment Room & Consult 

When your therapist is ready, they will meet you in the lobby and then bring you into their treatment room. Here, they will consult with you about your massage goals and what you wish to accomplish in your session. You will also review any pertinent medical history. 


Your therapist will leave the room where you will undress down to your comfort level and lie down on the table underneath the sheets. You will find the room has been equipped to provide the highest comfort possible. Lay your clothing and belongings on the ottoman, hang your things from the unique hooks on the walls, plug your phone in with an available charger located next to the shelves, choose the music you wish to listen to during your session. Make yourself at home. 

Step 4

Your Massage 

This massage will be specifically tailored and designed for you. We will integrate different modalities such as swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release, reflexology, stretching, sports, ect, in order to help you meet your wellness goals. If at any point during the session you have feedback on the pressure, lighting, music, temperature, let us know so we can adjust. We welcome this. Depending on the practitioner, you might be treated with aromatherapy, hot stones, hot towels, hot packs, warming ointments, cooling ointments, tape etc. 

Step 5

After Your Massage 

We will give you a suggestion about the best massage schedule you should maintain in order to accomplish your massage goals in the long term. As time goes on, your body undergoes micro trauma. Your massage repairs this damage so the more often you push off your massage, the more damage we need to repair each session. Based on this, we will ask to see you at least once a month,  biweekly or weekly. We will also send you home with some water to hydrate and some stretching techniques to prolong the benefits of the treatment.