Designed for clients looking to manage their chronic pain holistically. This session will reduce pain by directly focusing massage treatment in the complaint area & its related neighboring structures. Direct focus to the pain site will recalibrate nerve receptors, clear up congestion in the muscles & increase oxygen saturation in the area - improving the healing environment. 


Therapist will create a treatment plan that centers around the clients area of concern. Majority of time will be broken down to work on the immediate concern and then spanned into the relating secondary muscles, fascia and other soft tissues. This session is slow paced, every move made is purposeful. Work is deliberate as each layer of tissue is worked through thoughtfully to get down to deeper layers. This session tends to have only enough time for half body. 

50 minute base session 

Add TARGETS for time upgrade & additional customization

Potential Modalities:

Deep TissueTrigger Point TherapySwedish

Muscle Energy TechniquesMyofascial Release

Suggested Aromatherapy:

Muscle Boost