Definition: manual manipulation of soft tissue (muscle, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments) to enhance a person's health & wellbeing


is a series of systems working harmoniously together giving you the vehicle to live, manipulate & create in the physical world 

When there is dysfunction in one of these body systems, the system as a whole is compromised. When one domino goes down, the rest follow. The body mismanages its resources making the overall act of living a burden rather than a blessing. 

Manual therapies are our chosen weapons when combatting body dysfunction because they yield the highest return of investment for the client. Bodywork benefits all 11 systems in the body.

  • Resets Chronic Contractions

  • Reduces "Knots"

  • Repairs Fascia System

  • Increases Body Oxygen Levels

  • Loosens Rib Cage Muscles For Greater Lung Expansion

  • Equalizes uneven forces pulling on skeletal system

  • Improves Posture

  • Sharpens communication between soft tissue systems & brain

  • Muscle Tension Reduction will ease Nerve Impingements

  • Decreases Nerve Firing

  • Reduces the body's time spent in "sympathetic overdrive" 

  • Reduces Cortisol

    • Cortisol = Stress Hormone​

    • Elevated cortisol levels: interfere with learning & memory, lower immune function & bone density, weight gain,  increase blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease​​

  • Increases Endorphins

    • Endorphins = Pain ​Fighter

    • Elevated endorphin level: decrease pain, increase feeling of euphoria, modulation of appetite, enhances immune system

  • Pumps & circulates lymph fluid

  • Decrease in muscle tension stimulates lymph node activity

  • Blood holds nutrients & oxygen

  • Gets blood moving to stagnant areas

  • Flushes out metabolic waste

  • Floods distant capillaries

  • Hydrates dry skin

  • Increase in oxygen saturation stimulates respective organs




Deep Tissue Therapy utilizes firm to deep pressure with slow, purposeful strokes. Soft tissue is manipulated with the intension of reaching deep layers of muscles & connective tissue for realignment. Work is concentrated in areas of tension & pain, seeking out muscular adhesions that limit the function of the muscle.


other areas of the body. Isolated pressure & release are used on the "knot," along with active participation: deep breaths, identification of location & intensity of discomfort.


Neuromuscular Therapy, or Trigger Point Therapy, focuses on the cause of the pain by seeking out trigger points. Trigger points are hypersensitive, contracted muscular tissue caused by overstrain. If left untreated, trigger points will cause pain, fatigue & weakness in the muscle that often radiates pain to


Pre Event massage will improve soft tissue condition by stimulating inactive muscles & stretching connective tissue through a full range of motion. Post Event massage will calm the over charged brain, aid in recovery & focus on areas that were overused & stressed from repetitive and aggressive movements.


Sports Therapy aims to help the athlete achieve optimal athletic performance by warming up or cooling down muscles.

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Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 2.04.49 PM.png

Swedish Therapy utilizes light to medium pressured, long, fluid strokes along the entire body. Superficial layers of muscle are manipulated in the direction of blood returning to the heart to encourage improved circulation & natural relaxation.




lying position. Lose yourself as your therapist skillfully weaves their hands through all of your pregnancy related pain, tension & soreness. Take this time to heal & recover, while passing off the same positive benefits to growing baby. 

Prenatal Therapy gives the new mom a natural way of relieving discomfort, reducing stress & promoting general wellness. Your therapist will lay out supportive pillows to aid in a comfortable side  

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Now you don't have to make your own massage decisions. Tell us what your massage goal (or PROJECT) is & our professionals will create a customized treatment plan that combines different modalities of massage together that best suit your needs. 

Each massage is an INTEGRATION of different massage modalities to ensure a completely customized experience.