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Designed for clients looking to combat ageing and degeneration. This session is built to reset the body. Think of turning your computer off at night. Rebalance muscular tone, promote cellular genesis, flood body with an increase of oxygen and nutrients. Keep the body optimal and efficient with habitual movement and bodywork - like an oil change for your car. 


Therapist will create a treatment plan that is customized based on the clients expressed intention and their career, lifestyle and hobbies. The pace of this session is moderate, not slow like Pain Management but not as fast as Athletic Rehab. Session is designed to spend some time in one focus area followed by a full body flush out.


50 minute base session 

Add TARGETS for time upgrade & additional customization

Potential Modalities:

Deep TissueTrigger Point TherapySwedish


Myofascial Release

Suggested Aromatherapy:

Mind Body Boost