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Designed for clients looking to increase their body’s performance. This session is geared towards recruiting muscle fibers for optimal muscle functionality, repairing micro trauma in overworked soft tissue, and clearing out adhesion's to keep the body moving freely. Muscles will be re-educated, muscle fibers will be realigned and oxygen distribution will be optimized. 


Therapist will create a treatment plan based on the intention of the client. Common intentions: increase flexibility, increase performance, injury recovery, body warm up/cool down. Majority of time will be broken down to focus on weaker sections of the body and then connected with the rest of the body. This session is fast paced. It is the hare. Quick stimulation wakes up muscle fibers and rushes blood flow, pumping muscles to their full capacity.


50 minute base session 

Add TARGETS for time upgrade & additional customization

Potential Modalities:

Deep TissueTrigger Point TherapySwedish

Muscle Energy TechniquesMyofascial Release  Stretch

Suggested Aromatherapy:

Muscle Boost