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Definition: mechanical process of lengthening soft tissue

    WHAT IS        


Increases mobility & flexibility

Reduces pain & muscle tension

Enhances mind-body integration

Increases circulation

Our licensed & certified therapist will move your body through a series of poses designed to lengthen your muscles, fascia and other connective tissue. 

Improves posture

Enhances muscle coordination

Breaks up fascialmuscle adhesions

Unstick muscle & fascia

Normalize balance

Stretch deeper

Train range

Session goals:

Increases strength & performance

Frequency: Weekly



Regular wear and tear on our bodies create a domino effect. Microtrauma can occur in our muscles due to repetitive movements, bad posture, improper body function, or lack of movement. Knots and adhesions form as a result and shorten the muscle. A muscle can remain chronically contracted if not properly addressed. Every muscle has an opposite muscle so if you have chronically contracted muscles, you also have chronically stretched muscles. Overly lengthened muscles are weak and unable to function to their fullest capacity. 

In other words, one set of muscles is pulling you indefinitely in one direction while the other set of muscles is being over stretched and weakened to allow it. 

Common areas: 

  • Neck looking down

  • Back rounding 

  • Hip flexing

By stretching each muscle beyond its natural resting length, we are recalibrating the muscle and the brains perception of functionality.


We'll do

it for you.

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