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We are a wellness facility specializing in soft tissue recovery, functional momentum & body rejuvenation to help our hive manage & maintain one of their most prioritized projects: their body.
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Living life can come with its share of aches & pains but regular body routine maintenance helps smooth the aging process. Like a regular oil change for your car, our bodies need tune ups to stay efficient.  Our bodies are a PROJECT. Whatever you put your body through, we are here to help you recover & manage the best vehicle you live in.

WHAT we do

Upper Back Massage

Reduce pain

We specialize in minimizing pain in joints, muscles & nerves. Weak, overstretched structures & overworked, contracted structures are identified & balanced.

Child Physiotherapy

Recover faster

Injuries happen but it's how we take care of it that makes the difference. We can help you feel better sooner with proactive bodywork. 

Physical Therapy Session

Prevent injuries

Optimizing the body means having strong & healthy soft tissue that is able to recruit enough fibers in an injury inducing situation to avoid injury altogether. 


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Anderson will focus on your shoulders, making sure to strip out your lavator scapula, rhom

Massage Therapy

Manual manipulation helps correct dysfunctions in the muscular and nervous system. 

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Stretch Therapy

Elongate muscles past their resting length to help recalibrate the soft tissue and reeducate the muscle in its full ROM to lessen its guarding behavior. 

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Weak soft tissue creates aches and pains down the road. Combat weakness with our personal trainers. Create a program to strengthen your body, increase your ROM, and train your flexibility. 

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Target nuisance areas that take forever to respond to exercise with out latest non invasive body contouring machines! We'll pair together different body contouring modalities to create the best results for you so we can melt fat, produce collagen and tighten skin. 

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This session uses sleeves of pressurized air pockets on the extremities to increase blood flow and the efficiency of the lymphatic system. 

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Rapid, rhythmic beats applied to the body in patterns that are relaxing and lulling. 

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We got your back

I've been a member for years. This is a great place for those who suffer from chronic pain but even if you just want to treat yourself to a basic massage, they're great for that too. The massages are amazing and you come out feeling rejuvenated. The member program is affordable and I mostly appreciate that it's flexible (share massage points with friends/family). I've recommended at least 4 people and they've all come back with top reviews (for different masseuse). The owner is super friendly and the atmosphere is clean, cute and pleasant. Customer service always promptly responds to my requests and do the best to accommodate me. I highly recommend!


- Latisha Green

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